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Great idea, very useful tips! I love the way visuals interacted with the audio. Simple, entertaining and helpful!

Very interesting

I like it, from the story to animation, everything is in it's place. I specifically love how you perceived everything with dramatic effect. Props!

Nice animation

The animation and the voices are great, but the theme itself is not really funny, interesting or new :/

MyKindOfFlash responds:

Sorry to disappoint, but glad you liked the animation and audio! Cheers for commenting, sir!

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I don't like this kinda games!

But this one was expectational! I played it until the end and really enjoyed it! great gameplay, story,graphics and music! Good job!

The best flash game I have ever played

I stopped counting how many times I finished it

I am impressed

I expected it to kick ass,but didn't to be at this level. This was handled very professionally. SO many options,choices,cut-scenes,humor coded great and drawn even better. I'm sorry I can only give you ten...

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That totally sucked...

If I was this RWA guy I would never pick you...and what is British?


RicePirate responds:

You'll never be as cool as RWA.

This song is so crazy it's unbelievable!

Both MC's sounded great together on a track, but I gotta give my vote to MadFlex on this one. They should record a collab in the future

Hahaha this shit is dope!

He had it coming.

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I will leave a serious review...

Lol jk, cock joke! :P

Great idea, and well developed, tablet or not. Keep it up!


Although there are things that normally urge me to lower the rating a bit, I will give this submission a 10 regardless, because I can see that a lot of work has gone into this piece of art (and from personal experience I know things sometimes get screwed up :P).

I will still name the things I believe can be improved, so you can have that in mind when drawing next time:

- in some places there is too much folding of the clothes than it should be (like on the left forearm)
- in my opinion, feet/shoes don't go with the perspective of the overall character (they should be brought more up on the y axis)- I love how you highlighted the collar bones, but they should be a little bigger and a bit more separated

Besides that, I love how you made him into a joker-face "why-so-serious" smile character. Hands, guns and face were drawn great, and the folding on the shirt end/pants gives him a natural look. Simple background (great choose of color btw) makes it easy to focus on the character.

Hope you will consider my suggestions. Overall, great piece of art, will be looking forward to your next work! (and as Kinsei01 already said, you should do Nene and Darnell).

5/5 10/10

Lazymodecomics responds:

Thanks for the detailed review. I think after I get a chunk of my TOFA animation done I'll do Nene and Darnell.



Great and funny pic! Told ya WGJ4K would look best in your style! ;)
And congrats on it getting on the calendar!

MarcyVF responds:

Thanks bro!!! :)

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